Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep What problems can lack of sleep cause? What can be done about lack of sleep?

These days, the complaining from sleeping difficulties is increasingly common among people. This phenomenon causes many complications to human health .this essay will discuss the main problems related to the deficiency of asleep including blood pressure and shortage of concentration and focus. It will also suggest the main solution to mitigate this situation. To begin, take enough rest is essential for our body to work well and recharge its batteries otherwise, it would be difficult to support and stand up for long hours. Getting less sleep might cause many troubles, blood pressure is the most important one which can lead to death if don’t remedy. One other consequence is the difficulties to focus even for a few minutes, memorizing and remembering become such hard tasks to do. For example, a recent study hold by California University proved that after three days awaken the person start showing many difficulties like recalling specific things from his personal life, as well as seeing hallucination, besides shortness breathing. Therefore the absence of sleeping causes many damages to human wellbeing. There is a lot of tips which can help to sleep enough and relax. Firstly, before going to bed it is important to keep away from the bad all the gadgets that can disturb you while sleeping as well as putting silent phones and turn off all the electronic materials like TV , radios and laptops. Secondly get at least 7 hours snoozing a night, if it is not possible taking a nap during the day from fifteen to twenty minutes can compensate for the lack of sleep . Another effective tip is taking shower in the evening and listen to relaxing music or read an interesting book. For instance, a warm shower with a relaxing drink like mint tea helps our body to relax and sleep well. Thus, avoiding new technologies in bedtime and taking care of our body helps more to reduce stress. To conclude, nowadays the majority of people suffer from lack of sleeping which can harm their wellbeing by causing blood pressure and lack of concentration. That is why it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to sleep well and stay in shape like stay far from devices, electronic tools night and take shower before sleeping.
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