Some people think watching sports is waste of leisure time. What is your opinion?

In today's modern world, sports channels are really popular among people. A person when sometimes find spare time from a hectic schedule would like to spend those hours watching sports on TV. I partially agree with the opinion that some people waste their precious minutes by appraising games. The essay will discuss the reasons for both views. Applauding the players might be a waste of life for people who may have an unstable job. If a person has an excessive time to burn, he could utilize it with something that would help in shaping the better future. In addition to that, employees with a desk job may consider participating in physical activities instead of observing them. For example, a software engineer does most of his work by sitting on the desk for the whole day which might lead to obesity or back problem, therefore, it could be helpful for him to be involved in sports. On the other hand, people who have physical jobs get really exhausted and want to have some entertainment in their free space . Viewing games on the television or at a stadium might make them feel relaxed and refreshing. For an instance, an electrician who has spent his day fixing the lights standing on the ladder may enjoy sports sitting at home. Moreover, it also helps in enhancing the general knowledge about different sports played in the various parts of the world. To sum up, even though, it may be considered as an amusement to watch others playing in the leisure time, but, investing the moments towards something useful would be advantageous.
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