With the development of technology children are now living in a world that is completely different to what it was 50 years ago. What problems does this cause for society and the family?

In recent decades, technology has advanced so much that societies no longer know how to develop without its help. This is shown by how children’s behaviour has changed over the years and how family dynamics have evolved. However, some of these changes are not beneficial for a child’s development and family relationships. To begin with, one major problem parents face when talking about technology in their children’s life is that the communication between members of the family has been reduced to a minimum. That is because youngsters are exposed to television and internet ever since they are learning to talk and their language development suffers immensely. Moreover, children are not encouraged by their parents to develop friendships outside their home anymore, and most of their social interaction is online. Secondly, another hurdle families and society face is the amount of inappropriate information the world wide web offers their offspring. In other words, the internet has data about everything and this could come with disastrous effects. For example, children who are not supervised when surfing the web could come across dangerous individuals that might harm them or discover unsuitable content for their age, such as pornography and violent movies. Finally, a third issue that could harm families and societies is the fact that children are forgetting how to play outside in nature, while their major playground is represented by internet games and television. As a result, traditional ways of entertainment like playing hide-and-seek games, football games or other childhood traditions are lost. Furthermore, the use of tablets and smartphones since a young age has been deemed by numerous researchers extremely harmful to the progress of one’s personality and intelligence. To conclude, technology advances are inevitable and in the long run make our lifestyles easier, but we should not forget the old ways of communication and interaction with one another. In the future, more progress is foreseen so we have to start acting now in order to maintain our individuality and family relationships.
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