Nowadays some people prefer staying single. What is your opinion?

In today's modern world, people's way of living has been changed to a great extent. Earlier, everyone preferred to have a family, but in contemporary society, people chose to spend time alone. In my opinion, every person needs a partner to spend his life with. The essay will discuss further views. Firstly, it is important to have a counterpart to support you in life. A human being may require care of another being at some point of life. There are moments when a human is emotionally or physically down and could not discuss the feelings with friends or parents, to have your better-half at that time might make the situation a lot easier to get through. For an instance, a person has some problems at work and after a hard day if he has someone to express his opinions to it might make him more relaxed and stressfree. Secondly, for a single character being alone may seem to be the right decision at first, but eventually, they start to feel lonely. When a person would not find someone to share his happiness and sorrows, he may go into depression, that time makes him understand the value of having a life partner. At some point of age, an individual could wish care of somebody, that's when he calls for a family. For example, when a person is old he might demand his children to share his burdens and hold him up. In conclusion, even though, it might appear a good idea to lead a single life, but everyone wants another soul to have his back.
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