It is important that children with a wide range of abilities and from a variety of social backgrounds mix with each other at school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Socializing in an educational institution is important for children with different strengths and various backgrounds. In my viewpoint, I agree that
type of environment will provide more benefits for children in aspects of social and emotional well-being. One of the advantages is school will be a better platform to not only learn compulsory subjects but
for children to mature their interpersonal skills. It is common in certain schools to have a peer-teaching program where students with superior achievement are assigned to teach students with poor results. Implementation of
program may aid children to better grasp a subject as it is explained from the perspective of a fellow friend.
, by allowing children to mingle with one another, they will learn important skills
as communication skills, persuasive skills and empathy where they are required to develop a close and healthy relationship among human.
For example
, Malaysian children will be able to better at working with diverse groups as they are exposed to different cultures through friendships among different races. Moving on to the emotional aspect of children, they will have stronger control of emotion and positive attitude towards life. Socializing with communities outside their household allow them to develop various attitudes needed to thrive in life. They will realise that life is
about dealing with gloomy days.
For instance
, there will be times they got involved in a fight with friends, seeing someone else surpass their abilities and unable to satisfy all parties. These negative situations enable them to feel negative emotions and eventually understand how they would be able to control themselves. In conclusion, allowing children to socialize in school presents more benefits than harm. Children will be equipped with skills and well-developed emotions.
, I agree with the notion that children should be mingling well with each other in school.
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