In many countries, paying for things using mobile phone apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or disadvantages?

Almost all sorts of financial transactions through the use of cellphone applications are rising in popularity. Despite the fact that the system is associated with fraud and age-based inconveniency to some extent, online transactions benefit people by economizing both their money and time. To start with, millions of people worldwide use their mobiles to pay for myriads of matters, like school fee, electricity bills or shopping.
helps them save time and money.
of standing in long queues or driving a long way, one can make the payment with just a tap.
, discounts and reductions are offered by the apps almost throughout the year. To illustrate, whenever I pay my electric or utility bill though the Nagad app, I get an instant 5% cashback.
, all the payments through
apps are always recorded, which makes the management of expenses a breeze.
On the other hand
, like everything else, a few drawbacks are
linked to the E-payment system. To clarify,
systems are prone to cyber-attacks, particularly for those that have weaker security.
, if the mobile or laptop is stolen, there is a likeliness of the payment info being misused. As an example, many have reported of fraudsters spending even the
penny available from the victim’s card.
, aged persons are not usually familiar with the latest technologies; rather they can find it complicated. Even months of training is not sufficient for them to get familiarized with any new apparatus or way of life. To conclude, by maintaining a certain level of cautiousness and assisting the elderlies, one can make the best out of
digital platform for paying, which indicates that the advantages of E-payment system outweigh the disadvantages.
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