some people think that the government i s wasting money on arts and that this money could better be spent elsewhere. To what extents do you agree with this view?

There is no doubt that government spend a large part of its money on arts. While some people consider it is a destruction of taxpayers money and it could be spent on other things.
, I totally contradict with the former argument which I will discuss in the latter view with suitable example. Some people acknowledge that elected government have to focus on public welfare like health, education, infrastructure and many more.
it helps our basic foundation of our community to become stronger and people can easily raise their standard of living in many ways.The reason behind
was mismanagement and diversion of state funds to unnecessary artwork for their future goals.
For example
in commonwealth games in India where corrupted politician misuses the funds on different artistic events despite fulfilling the basic needs of participants. Turning to the other side of argument many people argue that art is an integral part of our daily survival and art institution do not generate an ample amount of money.
As a result
, the government have to help and promote local theatre not only for spreading awareness of their culture but
increase job in the entertainment industry. The reason behind
is many people get great pleasure in going to see movies or music events, so the authority has to assist
For instance
,Bollywood is the great evidence where local state authorities created an environment that helps people to showcase their hidden talent to the world. In conclusion,
public welfare is important. But when we look for the broader picture we get to know that art helps diversify world connected to each other and its roots were so strong that it guides our future generation to learn from our mistakes and made a better world.
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