Some believe that it is beneficial to show foreign films while others feel this can have a negative impact on local culture. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Foreign films attract a lot of international views. Generally, people think that watching these films can benefit the audience while others assert, that it can affect regional culture negatively.
, I strongly opine that
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people must watch local movies to preserve their culture but opting to
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oreign movie, sometimes can prove to be a rational approach.
essay will highlight my views on why people get attracted to foreign cinemas. To commence with, movies with different backgrounds can help understand diverse cultures of the world, which in turn might help promote the world's peace and develop individual's thinking about different nations. Apart from entertaining people with a different way of presenting a story, these pictures can
facilitate learning about their country culturally, their style of living, and their diverse customs as well as religion. Tourism,
for instance
, is a movie that portrays five cities of Europe, which shows the person who has never been there to come across with their style of carrying life easily. In brief, these films promote a better understanding of different culture and create a friendly relationship between people all over the globe. Another school of thought thinks that internationally broadcasted cinema can incline the spectators towards it, leaving the local theatres with fewer viewers, which can
decline the profits. The main reason for
belief is, people are afraid that movies made outside their country have better quality and storylines and are comprised of updated technology.
As a result
might make their local people loose interest in enjoying movies made within their nation's geographical boundaries, and
will impact them adversely.
can be exemplified by a real example where an Indian movie 'mardana 2' failed to beat the popularity of 'Jumanji' despite its decent efforts.
, locals feel that movies created outside their countries are more deserving in comparison. In the nutshell, I will emphasise that people must watch their local movies too, but one cannot pressurize citizens of a particular nation to cease watching foreign creations as it will contribute in invading their liberty.
, major steps must be taken in improving locally made pictures than stopping people to watch other nation's movies.
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