In many workplaces, online communication is getting more common than meeting face to face. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Numerous characters deem the overwhelming majority of workers are using the internet to communicate with clients and collaborators now, which is simple and effortless;
in contrast
, certain groups of people oppose and affirm the conventional person-to-person interaction is more auspicious and profitable. In
essay, I will examine,
, the merit of online chat and video, and
, the negative aspect of
phenomenon, followed by a reasoned conclusion. On the one hand, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, human-beings have more alternatives to continue a business and lesson compared to the past, and we have already accustomed to it. Youngsters appreciate online communication, as they are not obliged to attend classes to study, meaning students can study at any university today.
For instance
, during the coronavirus, my university's teachers were doing their job by using social media,
as Facebook, Zoom, and Google Meet.
, many people in business and pupils prefer
On the other hand
, the cutting edge technology gets followed by some drawbacks, one of these is businessmen can not feel the aura of a person
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the internet. Executives of corporations are inclined to make a contract while seeing the eyes of business associates, so they prevent themselves from being deceived.
For example
, Rayleigh, the director of a big organisation, once mentioned, face to face interaction is the key in cooperating in a market.
, adults dismay online communication in certain circumstances. In conclusion, from the arguments and examples given, I firmly believe that
there are small
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shortcomings, the virtue of
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online communication
is definitely subdue
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is definitely subdued
is definitely subduing
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its drawback.
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