The death penalty should be available as a punishment for serious crimes. To what extent do you agree?

Some believe that the death sentence should be applied for the gravest offences. I totally disagree with
statement and the following essay will examine the negative aspects of
To begin
with, the major nuance which detracts from the beneficial points of the heavy penalty is the fact that in several cases it is hard to be absolutely sure for a judge who is guilty.
In other words
, while for some situation there are video or audio records where it is obvious that a person committed a crime, for others the evidence of an offence is based on someone's comments or other facts, and a person can wrongly be assumed as a criminal. As a case in point, in Russia, the capital penalty had been available in the justice system until it was revealed that a hundred people were mistakenly incarcerated and killed.
, the government decided to alter the justice system and exclude
measure at all.
In addition
, another point which should be taken into consideration when it comes to a death sentence is that it is totally against the р, and it returns us back to the ancient moral aspects and traditions. To put it differently, for several centuries societies shift their emphasis to the actions which can help to defend the human rights and maintain a healthy and stable relationship between humans, so they reject violence and other inappropriate actions. From my point of view, capital punishment is a step back to norms and traditions which took place with ancient people, and it can potentially destroy our existing rules and habits.
As a result
, by accepting
heavy measure governments will probably modify our attitude regarding humanity in general. In conclusion, we are all too familiar with the debatable question whether the heavy sentence should exist for serious criminals or it is better to avoid
a grave measure. I strongly believe that governments have to exclude
punishment as it can entail two negative consequences.
of all, a person can wrongly be sentenced and in case of death punishment there is no opportunity to change the decision, and
definitely returns us back to norms which are against the humaneness.

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