Increasing numbers of students are choosing to study abroad. To what extent does this trend benefit the students themselves and the countries involved? What are the drawbacks?

Nowadays,there are more and more people who want to study abroad.
essay will discuss how
great opportunity can be an advantage for a candidate and their countries,
, there are
negative consequences of
decision. On the one hand, there are obvious advantages to studying abroad both for the students and their home countries.
, students get access to knowledge that may not be present in their homelands.
may include lectures and workshops delivered by international experts that work in universities abroad.
, the experience of adapting to other cultures can improve a person’s understanding of the world.
, upon graduating from universities abroad, these young specialists come back and work in their home countries.
For instance
, the country gets a well-trained specialist with international experience.
On the other hand
, there can be some drawbacks, too. To start with, studying abroad can be expensive for the country and for the student. Some may say it is better to invest
money in the country’s economy rather than to send people abroad. The
disadvantage is that when coming back home, the graduates can have several troubles to get used to the culture, traditions, and beliefs of their motherland.
For example
can lead to a misunderstanding with their colleagues or family.
, the price of international education and the difficulties in adaptation can form negative opinions on getting foreign education. In conclusion, whereas some disadvantages might occur, the country and the student greatly benefit from studying abroad. It is recommended to use every opportunity to enlarge one’s knowledge and experience.

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