In many countries today, crime novels and tv crime dramas are becoming more and more popular. Why do you think these books and TV shows are popular? What is your opinion of crime fiction and TV crime dramas?

Nowadays, people are becoming a fan of different and television shows which are based on the crime fiction theme. From my point of view, people love to watch evil tv series and love to read misdeed novels because of the feeling of thrill, surprise, momentarily escape from reality, and for sake of entertainment.
To begin
with, few moments for escaping from reality and satisfaction after finding winning of good over bad or evil are the main reasons for genre popularity.
, after working all day hard, anyone would like to sit down for some quiet time and enjoy a thrilling experience by watching shows on television and by reading infraction odd. Amazing breach shows on OTT platforms like Netflix and amazon-prime are full of actions, adventures, mysteries, and surprises. At the end of the episode, every mystery solved by heroes or police officers gives you immense satisfaction. To illustrate, a recent study in The United States of America shows the most popular shows are of the scandal genre.
In addition
, the USA network has dedicated one whole channel particularly for
type of Television shows. These types of shows and innovative should be enjoyed only for entertainment purpose.
In other words
, audiences should not take negative ideas from that. Parents must monitor their child if they are watching to explicit shows
it reflects negative impacts on their mind.
For example
, recently it was in the news that one boy murdered his brother by taking ideas from famous lawlessness show just because his brother refused to give him a toy. In conclusion, violation fiction novels and TV shows should be read and watched with limitations. Too much involvement in anything is not advisable.

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