Some people think that physical strength is important for success in sport, while other people think that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is believed by some that for being successful in sport the
power is more valuable than the
of mindset. In my opinion, to achieve high results in sport, a person ought to balance both strengths.
To begin
, a strong
helps to combat other opponents. From the beginning of a sports career, all sportsmen exercise a lot to build up their muscle
, increase lung endurance, and enhance heart functionality. When it comes to competitions, those who spend more time practising have better results,
as the fastest race, the heaviest weight pulled up, that lead a sportsman towards the advance in the sport,
, they become more famous and welcome by many international sports clubs, whereas weaker sportsmen do not.
For example
, in Spain, many football sportsmen have long and intensive exercise on the field which makes them the most powerful football club in the world.
, achieving great prosperity depends on mental
. It is common knowledge that an individual's mindset sets up and strengthens the purposefulness of each person,
, those people would be more self-confident, directed to success, and do not give up if they met some obstacles. To illustrate, the Russian volleyball team has a lot of intensive exercises to work out their physical durability that helps win in some competitions,
, after the club has its own psychologist, who works with each team member for the sake of building up their mental power, results of sports performance rocketed, and everyone now knows Russian team.
, I reckon that for having success it is important not only to practice a lot on
to develop one's mental function. In conclusion, some people say that excellent achievements depend on
power, whereas others take the view that a strong mindset is a key role. In my opinion, I believe that success is nothing else as a perfect balance of both strengths.

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