Some people believe that countries should produce food that population eats and import food as less as possible. To what extend do you agree or disagree.

It is widely said that production of food in our own soil should be enforced minimising the need for importing from the foreign lands.
, I believe that certain items are required to be imported despite a majority of the product should be from our homeland. In
essay, we will discuss the reasons justifying my above statement.
, there are a variety of items which cannot be grown in a country due to many factors
as climate and soil.
For instance
, Kiwi is a fruit which is grown in New Zealand suitable as per the environmental conditions provided in that country.
, it is exported to various countries to fulfil the requirement and need of various nutrients which are found exclusively in
leads to recuperate with a disease
as dengue and overcome sickness supplementing the body with essential nutrients and fulfilling necessities.
, an increase in the import of products leads to extensive improvement of inter-global relations.
product can be traded with the other
depending upon the need of the individual country.
example is the sale of tea leaves to America in large proportion is traded with another commodity
as Whey, a product derived from cheese. A recent survey published in Times magazine states the improvement in economic situation among India and USA due to the supply chain of various commodities.
has certainly improved public health relations among the two nations. In the conclusion of the above discussion, it is clearly specified how the exchange of items and import of goods can certainly be in our interest in more than

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