Today our lifestyle is changing rapidly and affects family relationship. Do advantages outweigh the disadvantages

While some people opine that the relationships are affected due to changes in the living pattern, others believe that the present way of living increases our bonds. I agree with the latter notion and I believe that merits are more than demerits. To commence with, there are multifarious advantages of
approach and at the top of
that is
it improves the communication between family members. To be precise, technology has made life a bed of roses as people can easily talk with their parents, even if they live far away.
For example
, there are ample of applications that are used by users as to convey their messages,
as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.
, with the assist of these social platforms, a person can easily connect with their parents.
, modern transportation methods play a crucial role in relationships. To epitome, transport means not only making travel effortless but
increases the bond between the families as an individual can meet their family easily by using these ways. Despite having numerous advantages there are some drawbacks of
, mankind adopts a modern lifestyle, as a consequence, they spend less
with their family members because they prefer to spend more
on their work. Not only
, but it
creates a generation gap as modern juveniles spend their maximum
on gadgets
of sitting with their grandparents.
, they do not know the moral values as they do not like to spend their
with their elders. To conclude that,
there are few disadvantages, merits outweigh all negative aspects of
approach. There are many good results if used appropriately.
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