Television dominates the free-time of too many people. It can make people lazy and prevent them from socialising with others. Do you agree or disagree?

Watching TV is one of the most common favourite pass-time for many individuals. I agree that
entertainment is believed to be a prime reason that people these days have become lethargic and prefer being unsocial. In
essay, we will discuss a few points that will support my views.
To begin
with, television is considered to be an addictive entertainment platform, where people can spend hours watching movies and series.
In addition
, since the billing on the cable connection of the television is done on a monthly basis, individuals can watch unlimited shows on them.
, leading the individual to spend more time looking on the tv screen than meeting their friends and family. To illustrate, during weekends, I usually like watching Netflix on my LCD screen and because of which, I rarely get time to meet my friends.
, it is
believed that since one often watches tv on a couch in the living room or on the bed, people tend to become more comfortable during that time,
, relaxing their mind and body.
As a result
, they become lazy and might not wish to do any other chores.
For instance
, during my business trips, I used to spend my entire day on the bed, watching movies back to back.
, my mind and body become so lethargic that I order the food online. To conclude, I concur that
being an evergreen medium of entertainment, watching television can make a person lazy and may like to live in isolation.
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