In many countries, people wear more western-style clothes (suits and jeans) than their traditional clothes. What is the reason for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

These days, there is an increasing tendency among people to wear clothes which are popular over the world.
a trend is a result of the changes in society's perspectives on the value of wardrobe and the desire of the public to feel comfortable during the day. I consider
development as positive from both practical and economical sides. One of the main problem associated with the question about traditional and casual clothes is that in the fast-facing life modern individuals are in constant movement and,
, tend to wear convenience dresses,
as jeans and t-shirts. In fact, it is easier to perform different kinds of tasks, namely shopping or babysitting, wearing a casual wardrobe rather than a traditional kimono or kilt.
In addition
, people's perspective of local clothing has changed and, nowadays, it is associated with the nation celebrating or as a part of the culture's pride.
, by choosing a casual style, a society opts for convenience and freedom in the everyday life. Even though
trend has received some criticism over the decades, I consider it as a positive development since it has an economical profit to countries as well as helps individuals to find a unifying factor. Obviously, as an ordinary wardrobe is automatically manufactured, it can be produced faster and in larger quantities than traditional ones which are handcrafted.
, western-style clothing determines individuals to feel a sense of unity with nations all over the world. Eventually, these benefits make
tendency advantaged for society. In conclusion, in the age
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addicted clothes, it seems that local attire is old-fashion.
, casual attracts people to feel comfortable as well as practical and,
, it is considered as a positive tendency.
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