The world's most urgent problem is caused by over-population. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that a majority of pressing global issues are caused by a population explosion. I completely agree with
point of view for some reasons.
, the over-population phenomenon has resulted in a lack of accommodation for a large
of people, especially those living in densely populated areas.
reason because a small
of available housing is not able to meet the demand for the need of the living facility.
As a result
, if citizens do not have any shelter, they mostly will build
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illegal house on the prohibited sectors
as riverbank or the top of the hill which are dangerous for them.
, I believe that over-population would lead to several issues which are associated with the living environment.
To begin
with, some consequences including air pollution, contamination of water or land which stem from the massive
of transportation users or the arising of industrial areas.
For example
, over-using a mean of transport mode burning fossil fuel, applying chemical fertilisers into the field of agricultural and discharging toxic waste into water resources all lead to greenhouse gas emission that causes environmental damage severely.
, some endangered species of animal would be on the brink of extinction if there is no longer living inhabitant.
would mean that people are cutting down the tree or even killing animals for living purposes as building houses, schools, hospitals, modern facilities and being main food resources for the massive
of civilians in the world. In conclusion, I totally agree with the view that the uncontrolled growth of the population triggers many above-mentioned issues.
, actions should be taken to slow down population growth worldwide.

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