Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think that it is a good , while other think there are disadvantages to this .write pros and cons and your opinion.

Many organizations sponsor pastime competitions in order to advertise themselves. Some people believe that it is a good idea for advertising , while others think that it leads to many drawbacks.
essay will explain its advantages and disadvantages with my opinion , followed by a reasoned conclusion . There are many benefits of athletics aegis to the player as well as firms , too . In terms of young and new athletics professional , they get economic merits from the biggest industries
as they receive free game training and equipment .
, juvenile players do not worry about money and they can focus on their games .Another profit is for the company itself because it is an amazing notion to advertise themselves as the backing is a powerful advertisement.
In other words
, if they supporter a famous
and sports player , they recognize very fast due to
members are known all over the world . So that aid gains many profits for both of them .
For instance
, the Reliance group of industries sponsor an Indian cricket
in international
every year .
it is known all over the world .
On the other hand
, it has many demerits .
, with regards to the participant , auspices were withdrawn if the member does not perform well in the matches . The reason is that after getting money from firms they demotivated and do not concentrate on their games ,
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it leads to poor performance in competitions .
, companies are
get lost if they present unsuccessful
or teams due to frequently losing matches by club members as well as injury occur one of the good competitors. To illustrate
, In 2015 , the Adani group of companies got a huge loss after sponsoring an unknown and a new
. According to my point of view that big firms should have promoter only those teams which recognised all over the world as well as occupied by good players in the party . So
will be benefited greatly to both athletes as well as companies too. To conclude, a company 's sponsor has positive and negative impacts both of them like free training and instrument to member and its power for advertising to industries while , on the negative side , withdrawal of patronage due to poor performance and a great loss to the firm if organised unrecognised
. I think they might advocate only famous
and unit players.
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