So,Almost everybody nowadays is found using personal vehicle for travelling purpose. What are the reasons of this increasing trend? Explain what negative outcomes may be faced in the society due to this.

The demands for private means of transportation for travelling is rapidly growing among modern people.
essay will suggest that the biggest causes of the phenomenon are poor public transit and comfort zone of living standard and
argue that changes in the environment and financial burden are the most detrimental ramifications.
To begin
with, the foremost reason the travel by personal vehicles is that generally public transportations are considered as an over-crowded, non-availability of flexible hours, heavy fare and so forth.
As a result
, people prefer the safest, easiest and affordable way of travelling through their own source of transport.
For instance
, a survey conducted recently by BBC News has revealed that 55% of the world population are using their automobiles to commute and other purposes.
, governments and private financial institutes are offering numerous vehicle loan options to society.
, most individuals buy their desired vehicles with the provided loan.
, various reasons enhance the community to use their own vehicles. As a consequence, it can never be denied that
tendency could have some negative effects on the community.
, the pollution level is rising due to exhaust foam and noise which are generated by cars or motorbikes.
, global warming is becoming a serious concept in today's epoch.
, the car loan facility with less interest rate attract consumers in the beginning but later they realize financial helpless owing to pay monthly instalments to bank from a limited budget.
, they may unable to secure themselves and their family's future in an appropriate manner.
For example
, many middle-class employees had committed suicide in the
year because they failed to afford the instalments pressure.
, having own automobile has become a serious problem for society. To conclude, less-developed public transportation and financial supports are enhancing folk to use private means of transportation for travelling.
, steps should be taken to change
trend as the drawbacks of
are clear, with potentially dangerous outcomes for society as a whole.
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