Some young people like to copy the behavior clothes of famous people. Why might this be the case? What problems might it cause?

There is no doubt that celebrities have influenced youngsters in a myriad of ways. Many of them often imitate famous people lifestyles.
essay will discuss a number of possible factors behind
trend and address some of the issues that it can cause.
of the chief reasons why the young population are interested in resembling the activities of a famous person is that celebrities are known to be a symbol of status. An actor,
for instance
, endorses an advert for a soft drink by performing various tricky stunts which depict how strong and adventurous they are in their
by gaining the status of bravery.
As a result
, it appeals to young
's to copy those acts, in reality, to seek attention from the public generating a sense of popularity as a celebrity. Another significant cause is the rise in social media because it has influenced generation by allowing to share their
story through that platform to become popular by following dressing style of a celebrity.
, upon receiving appreciating responses by viewers it boosts the level of self-esteem of a person causing them to copy more. As for the youth, the most pressing problem to follow famous people is it can sometimes lead to juvenile crime. A teenager,
for example
, who is influenced by a kidnap scene acted by a well-known celebrity tends to attempt kidnapping in real
by paving the way to prison.
, it can have a detrimental effect on
's future by imbibing illegal methods to gain publicity and the innocence of a child will be ruined.
, if they are unable to achieve success by copying the living style of celebrities
usually it results in depression or
can lose self-confidence in
. In conclusion,
the young generation attempts to copy famous personality with an intention to become popular and to improve confidence , failure in those trials usually exacerbate the situation by causing imprisonment and affecting mental health.

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