Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the word. Do you think this is a positive or negative development

More and more
become similar because people have an opportunity to buy the same products almost anywhere. I think it is a positive tendency as it makes many
open to foreigners and stimulates the economics of different nations.
, getting the same products within any country is a part of globalization. It makes any nation open to foreigners and immigrants as people do not have to worry about the accustomed products used in daily life.
In other words
, people become much less limited by the borders and resources of their
and they can move or live wherever they want.
For instance
, a great number of vegetarians and vegans would not be able to live in most of the places because of the features of their nutrition.
a tendency positively affects the economics of different
, it stimulates healthy competition that eliminates any type of monopoly. Not only does it help developed markets in reducing their costs but
it creates a lot of opportunities for developing nations. A prime example would be China. If foreign investors had not invested in China, it would not have grown at high rates and have become one of the leaders in export for more than a decade. In conclusion, the fact that there are more alike
is, in my opinion, a positive development. It results in the growth of economics and opening borders between many nations. It is highly likely that
tendency will show new horizons for development.

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