it is common these days to see celebrities advertising different products. do the advantages of this development outweight the disadvantages. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

modern era, it is said that multifarious companies get the assistance of famous persons to advertise their products in the market. In
essay, I will explicate both merits and demerits with the relevant instance in the upcoming paragraphs. To commence with the benefits, promoting various kinds of commodities by celebrities has become popular in
generation and there are ample of positive sides of
In other words
, organizations aware that advertising any product requires trust and honesty so they opt for famous personality to give ads to their brands.
For instance
, time of India newspaper has conducted a survey that India's prestigious companies obtain help from popular Bollywood actors to advertise their upcoming brands.
In addition
, the new generation follows their lifestyle and purchase all the brand and things whatever they buy.
As a result
, the company's economy becomes strong due to products which are launched by celebrities. Despite these positive sides, there are few negative sides which can lead to personalities bad image as well as reduction of the business economy. To elaborate, some brands seem very effective during the promotion of them but when people start utilising it on the daily basis
they realise it was wastage of money and people do not trust on celebrities and do not spend their finance on new products.
For example
, India's prestigious company called 'dantmangan' launched toothpaste in 2011, and multifarious singers have given ads on
new paste without using it and received money from companies.
, when people opted to use it was ineffective.
As a result
, company and advertisers got bad comments on their profiles and lead to a lack of money and reputation. To conclude, I think that there are many pros as compare to cons so, promoting a new product makes an organization and promoter financially strong but sometimes it is risky without using advertising material prior to showing it through the ads.
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