A friend has offered you some work in his company. You are currently employed and not able to start for three months. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

Dear Sopan, I hope you are in sound health and doing well. I am writing
letter to inform you about working in your
where you referred to me. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in a highly reputable
. Precisely, your
is very renowned in the manufacturing industry. There are a lot of facilities provided by the employer for developing their employee's personal and professional skills.
, they have been expanding their business not only in manufacturing sites but
in the software industry. As you know, I have worked as a human resources manager in a multinational
since 2018. They have been providing excellent career development opportunities to the existing staff.
, I wanted to let you know that I cannot join your
before the next three months. The main reason is that I have to submit the resignation letter with a two-month notice period as per
policy. Considering the above circumstances, please discuss
matter with your
management and let me know
updates if there is an opportunity to join your
as a senior human resources manager after three months. Yours lovingly, Faisal
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greeting and closing
Ensure that you use an appropriate salutation and closing for formal letters. 'Yours lovingly' is typically used for personal correspondence, not professional.
logical structure
Maintain a clear logical structure throughout the letter. It should flow from introduction to body paragraphs detailing your current situation, to your request and concluding your letter.
single idea per paragraph
Organize the content with one clear idea per paragraph. This will make your letter easier to read and more coherent.
complete response
Ensure the response completes the task fully, addressing all points required by the prompt. It should cover the thank you, the current employment situation, the inability to join immediately, and a request for consideration given the delay.
suitable writing tone
Use a suitable tone for formal writing. The tone should be professional and courteous, reflecting the nature of the communication.
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