It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural environment, such as the South Pole. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Due to the recent revolution of technology and transportation, taking a trip to an isolated area, like the South Pole as an example is no longer an impossible task for scientists and tourists. Despite a few shortcomings involved in reaching
a place, there are a variety of significant advantages that far more outweigh the disadvantages. Admittedly,
tendency perhaps could affect negatively the natural ecosystem in these areas. The more people are interested in exploring exotic places
as the deep ocean or several faraway islands, the more novelty infrastructures are constructed which probably results in the permanent devastation of wild creatures inhabiting these places.
In addition
, the safety of the travellers may be threatened due to unforeseeable dangers which accidentally occur during the journey. The risk of being attacked by bears, tigers and other dangerous wild animals or being poisoned by native tropical plants,
for instance
, is perhaps not aware by some amateur tourists or researchers.
, many unfortunate cases are recently reported which partially depicts
On the other hand
, exploring a brand new destination is obviously more beneficial compared to a few drawbacks mentioned before.
To begin
with, in terms of the scientific field, having an opportunity to dig
into the bizarre environment in the distant area is exceedingly scarce and many scientists desire to take advantage of
chance in an attempt to profoundly understand nature and the phenomenons happening around it.
, with their deep knowledge associated with the earth’s ecosystem, each kind of pressingly relating issues or disasters can be gradually resolved.
, the distinctive characteristics of
a place could be utilized to lure more people to visit, which, in turn, benefits financially for the country’s economy. Son Doong cave located in Quang Binh province is the most precise example for
statement. In conclusion, while travelling to remote areas could risk people’s life and the health of nature, it brings about various positive effects to either human beings’ knowledge or the economy of that particular country and the world in general.

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