people who read for pleasure have better language skills than those prefer watching tv to what extent do you agree.

Apart from working hours,
spend their free time in numerous ways. Some opine that those who read for happiness would have better creativity and powerful dialect over others who spend their free to watch TV. I completely agree with
notion. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will put forth my views in detail. On the one hand,
who read a lot have several benefits.
,they would be able to visualise everything they grasp. To elaborate,
while reading a book or journal would be able to imagine that particular content visually in their mind. Eventually,
activity would improve their ability to imagine.
superior creativity, they would
have good word skill. To expand,
, while reading would have to be familiar with every word meaning that they encounter. The only with which they could understand the complete content. Definitely, that could enhance their vocabulary. Ultimately they would be able to handle the complex accent very easily.
For example
, according to the survey conducted by the Indian Express, children, those who love to read books are able to write stories and articles in a powerful dialect.
, having analyzed the above details, the power of reading could be reinforced. Whereas, individuals who spend time on TV need not have to use deep thinking power. To explain, since they obtain visual experience directly,
individuals would be more relaxed during viewing TV programmes.
, while watching television, they would be able to perceive details in a simple way.
they need not know about each word meaning.
could easily neglect some new vocabulary even if they encounter it. To conclude, in my opinion, individuals who spend their time reading would be more refined in their ideas and vocabulary than the television viewers. To obtain complete satisfaction and experience, they would use their brain to imagine.

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