More and more people are eating healthy food and exercise regularly. What are the reasons for that? What can we do to make other people do the same?

The number of
adhering to healthy food and regular physical activities is rising. The main reasons for that are advances in science and awareness about the benefits of an active lifestyle. Among possible approaches aiming to make other
do the same is school programs telling about the importance of sport and good food. At present, technologies allow
to discover more about their health and what should be done to maintain it on optimal level for many years.
, with the help of the Internet, it is relatively easy to find information about the right ways of taking care of the human's body.
, evolving technologies allow humankind to reveal the most beneficial habits and patterns of behaviour to stay healthy as long as possible.
For instance
, some scientific studies noted that vegetarianism cannot be applied by any person and may lead to serious diseases. One of the ways of increasing the number of persons leading a healthy lifestyle is launching more sports events. The more individuals participate in
events, the more active
will be. Another possible solution is introducing subjects at schools about the significance of proper diet and physical activities.
For example
, in Japan, some schools included into their curriculum lessons about nutrition. Not only does it affect children but
it may change the mindset of many parents. In conclusion, the major reasons why more
eat good food and exercise on a regular basis are informational awareness and modern technologies stressing the importance of an active lifestyle. To support
tendency and force it, many school curriculums should be modified.
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