Some people say that the best of improve road safety is to increase the minimum legal age for driving cars or riding motorbikes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A section of society believes that in order to enhance street care the stage of an individual to drive automobiles or bikes should be higher. Looking at the higher accidents rates government should take the necessary steps to upgrade new rules. In my opinion, I agree with
statement as these days, youth are crazier about showing stunts and do not know the responsibility of safe driving or the importance of life.
, children are not taught about road safety or about their rules from a young life.
For instance
, in , the school we don't have a separate lesson on safe driving.
way until one turns 18 does not know the importance of it. Unaware of
rules folk tend to commit a crime
as over-speeding, drunk driving and not following the traffic lights.
way there are high chances of road mishaps to happen and many lives are
, at young age folk like to show off stunts on highways or in traffic areas.
For example
, there is a group of the crowd on social media who show off new action while driving bikes or sports cars which impact children to follow the same path. When these actions are exposed, the public try following that not knowing the consequences. So, the government should take the necessary steps to increase the age of people to get a driver licence. To conclude, it is an individual responsibility to drive safely. Proper pieces of training and awareness should be given to the population before they attain a certain age to drive these vehicles. Lack of consideration of
behaviours can cost others their lives.
, the mindset of folk should be assessed as well before they are provided with the rights
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