Weddings are more expensive in many countries nowadays when compared to the past. What is the reason behind this? Is this a positive or a negative development?

Marriage is an occasion to celebrate the happiness of two people with their family and friends. Compared to the past these days families celebrate weddings in a grand manner and spend lots of money. Various factors conspicuously contribute to
phenomenon that I consider to be an unworthy trend and the reasons for my opinion will be elucidated in the forthcoming paragraphs with the relevant illustrations. To commence with, there are numerous reasons that why people spend a lot of cash on their functions. Primarily, the wedding program considers being one of the crucial periods of human life, which is why individual spend as much as possible to make it grand.
, high standard people just want to maintain their status. To explicate relatives have lots of expectations from their rich family members
just to remain popular they celebrate their events lavishly.
As a result
, the tendency of showing off increases.
For instance
, most of the politicians and famous personalities spend a huge amount on their children's wedding functions. It just happens because they want to become an eye point of everyone and wants to keep to their level. Thereby, it is great evidence that the above causative factors lead to the former notion. There are myriad
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detrimental effects which can be reaped from
and foremost, wastage of meal and edible items. To explicate, rich families add a host of the feast to their menu just to make their function impressive.
For instance
, as per research conducted by the Indian statistics in 2018, food wastage has been increased by 80% since the
decade and the primary reason is the way the public have destroyed food in their family events.
, it can be seen that
notion has a number of repercussions on society as well as on individuals. To conclude, for maintaining the family reputation and to make the most imperative movement of life memorable family love to celebrate weddings with more money. While the impacts
as shortage of food make it negative in nature.

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