Some people believe that good teamwork is what makes companies successful, others feel that it is more important to have a good leader . Discuss both view and give your opinion

Which one can guarantee a firm's prosperity, Benefiting from the team spirit or strong leadership? It seems that none of them can leads to success by itself, and these two are complementary. A company cannot achieve any goals as long as employees do not work as an entity. The justification is that when people share ideas and thoughts, the result would be better. Working on a particular subject, each member comes up with some ideas. Its positive implication is that the group can choose the best notion from a wide range of approaches. A glance at eminent companies
as Google and Apple would suffice to understand the importance of teamwork. If any technical problems took place in these companies, a team of specialist would work on it. Not only do they solve the issue but
do so as fast as possible.
In addition
, a company needs a lead having the managing skill. For one thing, a real boss would share responsibilities. Being aware of duties, anyone focuses on his or her tasks, which in turn prevent contradiction.
, active employees who have done their job better can be distinguished and rewarded. It not only doubles their efficiency but
encourages others to try harder and receive incentives.
, good leaders set goals and move forwards to them step-by-step. They think about the
measure, which decreases possible risks. The more experienced the manager, the less the loss. In conclusion, teamwork can provide a company with the best performance.
, we cannot overlook the role of the managers in guiding workers. Both of them are compulsory if a corporation wants to flourish.

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