Some people think that to be successful you need to get in university education whereas others say it is not true Discuss both ideas and give your own opinion

There are varying opinions on success. Some believe that a higher level of education is required.
On the other hand
, others argue that it is not necessary. I agree with the latter, which says that a degree is not a determinant for wealth. Some person opiate that for an individual to be rich, he or she has to
their studies and have a profession. They make
claim on the basis that
level training is not adequate,
, the need for tertiary learning in order to acquire a fortune.
For instance
, they believe that studying more and become a doctor ,
for example
, guarantees the person's comfort.
I agree that studying to have a profession is absolutely right, I disagree with the view that it makes the person rich.
In addition
, there are lots of graduates today who has no job and has no money at all
for example
, some argue that attaining the highest heights of education is not an important factor to be wealthy. They make
argument with their points based on the fact that there are a lot of influential men today who dropped out of high school. Despite
popular individuals never completing their studies, they are now employers of labour. I support
side of the argument with my reason that skill
could be sufficient.
By comparison
, these well-known persons have something in common and
that is
they had a skill they were good at. All they did was to improve what they know how to do best and commercialized it.
, generating income, well enough to even employ the brightest of minds who excelled in school. In conclusion, the essence of formal education cannot be argued,
, it is not determining importance to achieving financial security.
, I reiterate my support for

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