It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural environments, such as the South Pole. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Due to the improvement of communication technologies and continuous development of infrastructures, travellers, as well as scientists, are now able to roam around different inaccessible sites, formerly unexplored.
conquering new areas may hamper the biodiversity of the surroundings and cause injuries or even the demise of any visitors, exploring new areas have many positive aspects
as discovering previously unknown sites and inventing a wide range of natural resources. In my opinion, sightseers and researchers should be encouraged to travel around new spots in order to bring benefits to human civilization.
To begin
with, the
and foremost benefit of travelling and exploring new surroundings is that it enables the tourists to explore more untouched areas. To be more precise, travellers may visit an undamaged place where a traveller may get to acquaint themselves with a new environment and different inhabited wildlife.
, while visiting unspoiled spaces, inventors are more likely to find out more fields and mines with ample natural resources which might be consumed by human beings in the future.
, travel around unexplored places is beneficial for inventing new location and discovering new sources of energy.
On the other hand
, one of the negative aspects of visiting new places is that it may exploit the natural habitats and wild creatures.
In other words
, since exploring an unspoiled place may hamper the regular life of nature and wildlife, it can ruin the ecosystem of any particular place.
, visiting untouched parts extensively can be a life-threatening matter for tourists.
For instance
, owing to many ferocious wild creatures and beasts, travelling unknown and untouched zones can be utterly dangerous for tourists.
, hiking in unspoiled places will not only increase the tendency to hamper nature as well as animals but
may lead a traveller to death. In conclusion, an increasing number of people are now visiting different unspoiled spots of extreme weather. Despite having few drawbacks of visiting new sites, it has a wide range of benefits including exploring a new environment and creating the opportunity to find out natural resources. I think travelling untouched regions has more advantages than disadvantages.
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