Some people think parents should read or tell stories to children. Others think parents needn’t do that as children can read books or watch TV, movies by themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some people argued that there is no need for parents to read stories since children can help themselves with reading and watching videos. While I understand that there are difficulties for busy fathers and mothers, I believe storytelling is a great measure to help offspring's development.
and foremost, the company of the guardians help preschoolers build their sense of security. It is essential for little ones to feel secure in order to
other ability towards socialisation. Neglected babies,
for example
, are proved to have emotional control and communicational problems in their adulthood.
In addition
, regular daily schedules,
as bedtime stories, assist young children's brain development and reduce the tension from the environment.
, parents could better bond their descendants by spending time together reading.
On the other hand
, even though small kids are fond of video clips, these media hamper their abilities of imagination and discourage the stimuli of verbal and interpersonal skills. Online free youtube content, which is evident especially, often created only for catching views' eyes for clicks rather than educational information.
pupils could improve word capacity by reading books themselves, it becomes thorny when young learners forgo their connections with families and lose their motivation of human contact. Generations born with smartphones,
for instance
, tend to feel alone and isolated than older generations and lead to mental health issues in formative years. In conclusion, despite the time saved for adults, there is no way of merits to leaving youngsters by themselves. Parents should be aware of the repercussions and share time with the young by telling stories.

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