The cost of flying has decreased significantly over the last decades. This has made oversea travel much more accessible. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

It is clear to notice that in the
tens of years the number of
flying by plane is increased because the prices are fallen. In
,essay we try to show the positive and negative sides of
phenomenon. On the one hand, growth of moving by plane has some benefits for us. Possibly, it solves a car problem. To give a clear example, most Kazakhstan
travelled by car, so in some cities
as Almaty was a huge car traffics.
, today when the cost of flying is accessible, there is less traffics in big cities. The
benefit is the development of tourism.
For instance
, when everyone has a possibility to buy tickets it may improve tourism which is useful for the economy of the country and the development of
On the other hand
, the given trend possibly leads to other problems. The
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high consumption of petrol. It means that
will increase getting of oil that can cause different pollutions and other environmental issues. The
negative side is the risk of catastrophe.
For example
, the rise of flying leads to increasing the number of aviacatastrophies, as there were three cases of catastrophe in Kazakhstan in 2020.
, the given trend can be dangerous. In conclusion, today because of the dropping prices of the tickets a lot of
can easily travel around the world.
, the trend has advantages
as decreasing the traffics and development of tourism as well as disadvantages like environmental challenges and risk of aviacatastrophies.
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