In spite of advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this case? What can be done about this problem?

Despite the modern development in agriculture, it is clear that there are numerous places in the world where people still do not have an abundance of eating.
difficulty stands as a significant obstacle to us. There are several reasons behind
article discusses the main reasons for
impediment and the possible solutions to sort it out
, one of the
problems that we should consider is the barrenness of the land in the country. It is essential to have good rainfall and a balanced environment to keep the soil fertile, with the ground being propagated and cultivating in that soil producing good material. In numerous countries, natural disasters
as droughts and floods make the land barren.
For example
, in African countries like Ethiopia, droughts have depleted the earth's fertility and led to starvation. Improper care of meal stored in food sheller is another problem;
, the prices of cuisine items skyrocket in the markets due to scarcity of goods, not everyone can afford it, and
as a result
, starvation is born.
, a possible solution to
problem of the barrenness of land would be cloud sowing followed by artificial rain, with the dilemma of drought will be solved entirely. Another immediate solution is to take care of stored feed and beverages, be treated with pesticides to prevent pests from its spoiling.
For example
, in India, food sheller is kept insect-free using several pesticides to avoid the destruction of eatable items stored after the harvesting process.
, somebody will donate leftover cooking items to organizations that provide free foodstuff and drinks to feed the hungry
of wasting them.
, after discussing numerous facts and their reasonable solutions in the paragraphs above, I confer that the key to every complication is in our own hands.
, the most sensible option is to adopt modern methods of irrigation and the path of reasonable care to achieve a happy lifestyle and, as well as an endowment to avoid starvation of the underprivileged.
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