Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment; only Government and large companies can make difference. To what extend do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, the surroundings belong to all societies members.
, governments have their commitments as well. It disagrees that modifying the
is only achievable by the authorisations.
subject will be proven by analysing human being participation benefits and cultivation. It is felt by many that the
belongs to society and its members.
, every single member could have their impact.
, if people would have
knowledge to recycle their garbage before dumping them, it would help the authorisation and related companies to finalise the recycling process cheaper and faster.
clearly shows how people could help the government to amend the
just by fulfilling a simple task.
, everyone is responsible for their world.
In addition
, individuals attribution to improve the
cause a culture that could be transferred to the
generation. People by assisting the authorisation for maintaining the land, indeed, is improving the society's culture.
, in Iran, a couple has planted about 13000 trees in a desert for 10 years. Now after 30 years, that desert has been changed to a jungle where various species have inhabited there.
As a result
made it clear how individuals could make culture and encourage others to look after the
. In summary, it is believed the
is a subject that requires individuals and authorisations participation.
, everyone has their impact to improve the
with their approaches. It is expected in the near future, the
gets improved by everyone to make the world a better place for all species.
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