Some people think that some individuals are naturally good leaders while others think individuals can learn leadership skills. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A large majority of individuals are shy and they feel uncomfortable expressing their viewpoints in front of people. Communication skills are pivotal for success
that is
why school education must be focused on
point. I believe that educators should play their roles to make their graduates more expressive and bold.
To begin
with, there are many reasons for hesitancy in public speaking. Some individuals have introvert personality, so they prefer to remain in their comfort zones, and become irritable in social gatherings. But the most important cause is schooling, as some teachers do not only discourage extravert students but
penalize them for their boldness. The school's environment is another major factor, for ,instance the students who face bullying at an early age cannot able to speak freely in social settings.
, tutors can provide incredible help to combat
and foremost, the curriculum of the school must be more interactive, so that the fear can be removed by frequent rehearsals
as every pupil have to do a PowerPoint presentation in front of the whole class.
, institutes should have zero tolerance for bullying, social and racial discrimination in order to make sure
, faulty must come forward.
but not the least, rewards and appreciation technique should be opted rather than punishment which affects the self esteems of youngsters.
For example
, if teachers praise good speakers to motivate others, it would be a win-win situation for everyone in the class. In conclusion, I think that even though shyness is a personality trait, schools can help children to become more vocal. It is the need of the hour to take some pragmatic measures to make young ones a useful part of society.

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