A government has a responsibility to the citizens to ensure their safety therefore, some people think that government should increase spending on defence but spend less on social benefits. To what extent do you agree?

modern era, every nation should protect their's country borders. Some believe that the ministry should spend most of the funds on the defence sectors by cutting the expenditure on social gain. I do not agree with
, I believe that both of the zones need investments and efforts for any community to grow and prosper.
To begin
with, national security is the utmost salient for every country. The forces can make peace and protect the community. If the forces do not protect the borders, another state might occupy and easily enter our community repercussion, they might take some resources and turn to the citizens as a slave. Ergo, the defence sector is the most significant field rather than anything.
For example
, India is attacked by a terrorist during when 2019 nearby prime minister election time while the CRPF soldiers have reattacked
as a result
, more than 30 terrorists killed. Ergo, national care is of utmost importance.
, the ministry should not spend less fund on social welfare
as Hospitals, Educations and etc. These are the facilities should get all people while the poverty ratio decrease
we cannot diminish.
For example
, If a person does not have any food to fulfil their hungry while ,certainly he might steal another person money in order to he will buy some foods.
can lead to many people committing immoral activities repercussion, other woman feels insecure.
, the social welfare region
the most significant fields. To conclude, both fields should be given equal responsibility as well as investments and efforts
. I strongly believe that both of the zones should be treated equally because national care and social gain are inter-connected to each field. One sector cannot alone makes miracles
as state development and care

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