Labor-saving devices such as dishwashers and communication tools such as computers are supposed to make our lives easier. However, some people argue that these devices only make them more difficult. Does modern technology reduce or increase stress? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Electrodomestic artefacts,
for example
, washing machines and equipment which maintain people communicated as laptops have the intention to uncomplicate our day-to-day.
, many individuals discuss all the problems these appliances represent in their lives. In
new era, modern technology has the intention to minimize our workload at home and help us with the stress decreasing. Certainly, some people have the discussion regarding new technology and how it could raise levels of stress, due to the difficulties that could represent the use of sort of devices.
For instance
, I bought a dryer and, at
it was hard for me to got use to it, I did not know how to start it and to get all my clothes dry,
, after I read all the instructions, it worked fantastically. For many others, it might be hard to attempt a new communication device,
as a smartphone,
type of electronics could be difficult to manage,
, it requires practice. Nowadays, technology has an enormous advance, we can see all of
in different labour-saving devices,
for example
, air-fryer, dishwashers, coffee makers, grills, etc. To illustrate
, the air-fryer is a magnificent apparatus which could cook almost everything,
, is an oil-free appliance which contributes to our health. Despite what other people say about it, these tools were made to make our lives and our day-to-day easier. To conclude, thanks to these amazing machines, the housekeepers can do the home labour in an easy way, the parents could do their tasks effortless and to spend a marvellous time with their family.
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