While some argue that the internet is a blessing as it helps with information, others think that it is not necessary to have such smount of information.What is your opinion?

The internet is a part of modern life, and
avails many benefits, according to some.
, there are some people thinking that
Correct article usage
the availability

It seems that article use may be incorrect here.

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of an excess amount of
has detrimental effects. In my opinion, to a large
Add a comma

It appears that you are missing a comma after the introductory phrase to a large extent. Consider adding a comma.

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Add the preposition

The phrase following the intransitive verb agree seems to be missing a preposition. Consider adding one.

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because the platform is not only unregulated, which
Change the form of the verb

It appears that your sentence or clause uses an incorrect form of the verb causing. Consider changing it.

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undue stress but the flooding of
often makes it difficult to choose the right choice as well.
and foremost, online sites are hardly censored by any regulatory body. Since
offers plenty of data on varieties of topics, how to use
Change preposition

It seems that preposition use may be incorrect here.

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daily life is challenging. To illustrate
, when netizens search about causes of headache, the list ranging from cold to cancer. Eventually, the subscribers tend to find difficulty in deciding what matches his or her actual problems and create mental trauma as well.
, it is obvious that even though
Add an article
the information

The noun phrase information seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

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creates stress rather than any relief.
, the authenticity of the
is hard to judge. Because of the anonymity of the digital space, users are often fooled.
For instance
, as everyone has smartphones, the owners may pretend to be an expert, utilise virtual media as an instrument to disseminate his or her propaganda. Having dangerous consequences, many consider there must be a limitation when searching the internet to find answers. In conclusion, some people argue that it is unnecessary to reach a wide range of data online. I firmly support the view because the content rarely
Change the verb form

The plural verb do does not appear to agree with the singular subject the content. Consider changing the verb form for subject-verb agreement.

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we see
Replace the word

The word regulating doesn’t seem to fit this context. Consider replacing it with a different one.

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and it is not easy to pick the most accurate solution.
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I really want to study but I’m too tired.

I wore a warm coat because the weather was cold.

If action is not taken soon on climate change, global warming will get worse.

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