Companies that have a long average working time are more economically successful than those companies that do not have a long working time. Do you agree or disagree?

It is often said that corporations prolong the average working time, which would seem to be more successful than those that do not have the same. Personally, I strongly disagree with
statement, I believe that
adverse trend has huge impacts on both companies efficiency and personal life of staff.
and foremost, working overtime has been growing in many corporations, which carries potential health risks. That could be explained by the fact that people, especially white-collar workers have to sit in front of a computer screen in succession, which is prone to obesity, elevate the pressure.
For example
, according to e-newspaper, the rate of Vietnamese population who have mental and physical health has been increasing dramatically due to prolonged working hours.
As a result
, many organizations suffered from a decrease in sales as well as productivity.
In addition
, staying longer in the workplace to accomplish tasks is unlikely to have the ideal to have work-life balance. As they can not balance between the heavy workload and family tasks. Spending more time working causes them to ignore domestic housework. If they happen to miss a birthday or anniversary, they will know things spiral out of control. As a consequence, being too busy over a prolonged period not only shows stress but
weakens the family bone.
phenomenon has become more prevalent in many nations. In conclusion, some others argue that the more time they work, the more successful they are,
I believe
adverse trend has devastating effects on both companies and private life.
, I recommend corporations should introduce policies that facilitate employees' work-life balance and guarantee work efficiency.

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