Some people say that in our modern age it is unnecessary to teach children about the skills of handwriting. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, computers have widely spread, resulting in drastic decreasing opportunities to write characters with hands. Some hold the view that it is no longer necessary to educate children on handwriting.
, I totally disagree with the statement because it is a form of respectful culture and there are still necessities in the work world. As the
reason, handwriting is an art that should be protected as a country's culture. The letters described are different by each person, reflecting writers' personalities and emotions they have.
As a result
, these pieces of work can be arts attracting many people.
For example
, in Japan, calligraphy is considered one of the most significant artworks. It has been protected historically, and work written by historically prominent figures are on sale at a high price.
, writings by hand represent writers, which are important art forms to be inherited for the future. Secondary, techniques of handwriting are essential for the purpose of communication in workplaces. Even though with the distribution of computers, workers barely have chances to write manually, there are still workplaces that have not accepted modern facilities.
For instance
, my employers did not get accustomed to computers. Whenever submitting reports or notes, I wrote manually because they prefer to read handwritten papers.
, handwriting skills are imperative to deal with conservative workplaces. In conclusion, I utterly disagree with the statement that teaching handwriting skills to children is not needed. Education on these skills are significant because handwriting is art should be preserved for future generation and it is
a communication skill to manage conservative environments after children start working.

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