some people say that main environmental problems of our time are due to lack of some specific species of plants and animals. Other says that there are more important environmental problems. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion

At present, the World is facing severe problems with some changes in the environment. While some people believe it is because of the loss of
and animals, others feel there are more dangerous aspects involved. In my opinion, pollution is causing more damage to the environment than disappearing species.
essay will discuss both views and
provide my opinion. To commence,
of all, one of the major problems in the ecosystem is losing a variety of
. Every living being needs oxygen to survive since many individuals are cutting away the
for wooden work, constructions and a few more to name.
In addition
to that, the majority of animals are disappearing as there is not enough food and
birds are dying because of radiation evaluating from cell phone towers.
For Instance
, the majority of mobile companies using an excessive range of spectrum other than the specified amount, which is creating a bird family disappear. On the other side of the argument, one of the primary reasons is pollution.
is because factories releasing more hazardous chemicals, which is polluting water and air.
another difficulty is using an excessive amount of plastic, which is not biodegradable.
For example
, Plastic will take almost 400 years to dissolve in the earth.
can be reduced by using recyclable bags which can easily melt. To sum up, the inexistence of animals and
can reduce by taking the necessary actions like planting and reducing the spectrum range;
, pollution can cause severe damage to human health and
to the environment. I believe
can be avoided by limiting the industries and encouraging them to use paper bags.

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