Some people think that old buildings should be knocked down and give way to the new buildings. To what extent do you agree or disagree? How important are old buildings to us?

With the advent of modern architecture, old
and structures are disregarded these days. Many experts debate that whether old
should be demolished to create pavement for new
or whether these should be preserved. Personally, I am in strong favour of retaining these old
and the following expository paragraphs will expatiate my view with lucid examples.
To begin
with, It is certitude that the construction of new towers requires a prodigious amount of capital. To elucidate, the vandalizing of the old structure require profuse manpower and its debris has to be dumped or recycled again.
, huge money is invested in the construction of new
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buildings buildings

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and time consumption is
augmented. To illustrate, recently, an old police station is demolished to create a new one with fancy design and it was revealed that the expenditure was 1 million rupees to complete the whole process.
, it clearly depicts that expenses are
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an extravagance

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that could have been used to build a new public amenity.
, old
have archaeological importance for any country. These building can be refurbished till the time it has to be used and eventually, can be used as a historical monument.
As a result
, the expenditure would be less for ages and afterwards can help the government to make money out its aesthetic appearance. As an instance ,many countries have preserved the forts of old emperors which are used as a resort for the tourist now.
cases are ever-present. To summarize, despite the fact new pulchritudinous designs have been emerging, it is imperative to save the old heritage of the country. I reckon that old
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and should be maintained meticulously.

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