Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

day and age, more and more
are migrating to overseas nations for living or studying purposes. A rising number of
believe that life abroad could be extremely hard for individuals and could trigger serious social issues and other problems in general. From my perspective, I totally lean towards
statement for several rational motives.
, the differences in culture, as well as daily life practices between citizens from distinct countries, are the main reason for conflicts. Some actions that might seem normal and commonplace in a nation could be seen as inappropriate in another culture.
For example
, Indians do not consume beef, providing that the cow symbolizes one of their gods, while it is among the most ubiquitous sources of meat in numerous countries. Lack of understanding about these cultural variances might lead to unintentional speech or behaviours which are offensive to the native community, resulting in misunderstandings and conflicts.
, language barriers
contribute greatly to social problems among migrants and the local population. If
get into a quarrel with a foreigner by any chance, lack of fluency in the indigenous language hinders all chances to resolve the conflict, which worsens the relationship between
, the ability to express willingness and desires fluently facilitates humans’ lives significantly, without the existence of which, migrants will find it tricky to get on well with the natives and feel that they are isolated, which is adverse for their mental health and has disadvantageous impacts on their daily lives. In conclusion, it is impossible to deny that living in another nation other than your native country results in numerous issues and problems, namely cultural offences and misunderstandings.
, I am of the opinion that these could be overcome by acquiring knowledge about rituals and beliefs in other cultures as well as being open-minded to absorb new customs.

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