Some people believe that a crime is a result of social problems and poverty. Others think that crime is a result of a bad person’s nature. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

have different views about whether
arises from a person’s nature or from poverty and other social issues. I believe that it is the combination of some
’s characteristics and their circumstances that triggers unlawful acts. It is true that in many cases difficult circumstances force
to commit crimes to survive. Some
are trapped in the cycle of poverty, meaning that it is virtually impossible for them to get better without outside intervention.
As a result
, some may resort to crimes, ranging from burglary or larceny to even drug trafficking, to support their families.
, as unemployment continues to accelerate, many jobless young
are more likely to break the law to sustain themselves.
, the drug problem in many countries
leads to an increase in
for example
, in my
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a majority of robberies have been committed by drug addicts.
, oftentimes the real cause of
is the link between
’s negative traits and social problems. When faced with difficulties,
tend to come up with solutions or choices that are heavily affected by their own characteristics;
for instance
, lazy or weak-willed
can be inclined to use illegal means to escape poverty. Another example is that dishonest businesspeople will be likely to bribe corrupt officials to expand their business. A person of high integrity,
on the other hand
, would take other sensible and legal courses of action. It is clear that when social problems meet bad personalities, the likelihood of criminal offences is higher. In conclusion, it seems to me that
is often the consequence of both a person’s nature and social issues combined.
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