Some people say that the main environment problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plants and animals. Other say that there are more important environmental problems. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Animal annihilation and disturbances in our ecosystem possesses a serious threat to our planet and environment. A segment of society opines that the extinction of some species has major concern for the surroundings; diametrically opposed to
, others believe that human activities
interfere with the natural cycle of the earth. Both statements may advance equally propelling arguments to support themselves, but I am inclined there are many others factors that contribute to these problems.
and foremost, human activities like industrialisation and deforestation are the primary cause of these problems.
For instance
, with the elevation of the population, the present resources are inadequate to satisfy the demand for food and accommodations; thereby more trees are trimmed to build infrastructures like hospitals and roads.
, the clearance of forests leads to soil erosion, droughts and floods sometimes.
scenario is evidenced that human inference with nature could cause numerous ramifications. On the other side, there are other factors like air pollution, landfills and water pollution that can deter the surroundings.
, the high mountains of garbage deteriorate the air quality as a single spark can cause the garbage to incinerate, and
smokey haze over these waste rise the temperature to few degrees.
, the plastic wastage in the sea or river harm marine life and some of the fish species get disappear from the planet on account of
garbage in the water. To conclude
, undoubtedly, the disappearance of some wildlife might disturb the balance of the climate, but human interference like air and water pollution, erosion of vegetation has more deleterious effects on the environment.
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