In some countries, parents expect children to spend a long time studying in and after school and have less free time. Do you think it has positive or negative effects on children and the society that they live in?

It is hard to deny that we are living in a society with
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increasing competition, which imposes exceeding pressure on citizens even in their early stages of life.
a phenomenon leads to an assumption of parents that their offspring should spend a long
in study.
, as for as the definition of
, societal well-being, and efficiency are concerned, I firmly believe it is negative to both
and our society.
and foremost. Regarding studying performance as the only priority of
is biased and unpersuasive, especially for parents, whose ultimate aim is to see their
generation leading a healthy and happy life.
, exceedingly long studying hours and limited leisure
undoubtedly compromise adolescents’ physical and mental development.
is because the
which is supposed to be spent on sports, art, and other extra-curricular activities has been engulfed, and those events are viewed as an indispensable process in cultivating youngsters’ character. To
end, the
will never experience real
for the rest of their life.
, the irrational expectations of parents tend to raise a passive social narrative. Take the case of China as an example, where
are supposed to learn as much as possible even when they are in kindergarten. Influenced by the wild spread narrative, every single child has no choice but to be involved in
competition and bear heavy peer pressure, which undermines their aspiration to the future. Had they not been exhausted in their early ages, they would never have been loose anticipation and ambitions in their future.
, a voice may raise that only through long studying
can they compete in
fierce campaign. Ironically, the link between studying
and efficiency is missing in
assertion; it is the long studying period that declines the studying efficiency of students, due to their physical durability and mental resistance.
, chances are that students perform equally well as long as they make full use of their studying
by enhancing effectiveness. In a nutshell, I maintain the idea that expecting
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too long can leave a negative influence on both
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and society
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, societal well-being, and learning effectiveness.
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