In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.causes and solution?

In numerous ,nations it has been observed that having a healthy life and practising physical exercises have dropped in recent times and people are getting more obese. There are some factors that lead to
trend and effective solutions should be mentioned soon to prevent
issue. Both the aspects would be discussed
. Analysing the reasons, the foremost one is the overconsumption of junk food.
kind of junk meal has high contains oil, fat and sugar.
As a result
, those who frequently consume the food get overweight. Those foods
as Pizza, McDonald's burgers, microwave dinners and so on.
, employees who work in a big multinational company live a sedentary lifestyle.
, physical work decreased due to the increase in robotics and advanced machinery. It can be because of an unhealthy lifestyle.
For instance
, obesity, blood pressure, heart attack and many more.
On the contrary
, some steps must be implemented to rectify
predicament. To commence with, Governments sponsored awareness campaigns. An effective advertising campaign could warn the dangers of an unhealthy diet and
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raise awareness among the public. To epitome, in the USA, recently lobbied that citizens to eat 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables a day and their result in a dramatic decreased in obesity and illness.
, individuals should have a focus on their health. They have to start playing sports can be a good remedy.
For example
, having jogging and walking are better fitness exercises for beginners. In conclusion,
there are numerous causes maybe overeating of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle, Albeit taking steps
as playing sports and awareness through the campaign can solve the problem to a large extent.
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Answer the 'Problem and Solution' topic

Problem-and-solution essays fall naturally into two parts, the first describing and exploring the problem, the second setting out the solution or solutions.

You essay structure should look something like this:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1 – Problems
  • Body paragraph 2 – Solutions
  • Conclusion

Examples to start your body paragraph:

  • One of the first problems of the...
  • Another problem that needs to be considered...
  • A possible solution to this problem would be...
  • One immediate practical solution is to...

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