Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To wah extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Entire the human history,
have a significant role in their life
as in the religious ceremony or even for pray. So some
believe that
can come
together with different cultures and ages. I partially agree with them because there is some songs or even instruments that belong to a special group of folk and it is not interesting for others. on the one hand, there are several nostalgic pieces of
or national
that all a country’s citizen or who speak in a specific language in different generation listen to those. if anywhere play the song, all population dance with it regardless of their age and enjoy the song.
On the contrary
, there are some
genres that belong to special ages.
for instance
, rock and roll, pop or k-pop is interesting solely for teenagers or youth while the elderly like to listen to some traditional and classic
On the other hand
, now a day some English songs or Latin
are very popular among all nations and dance with those at their parties.
for a number of singer concerts
as Celine Dion and Jenifer
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there are
with various cultural backgrounds and without languages barriers that just dance together because of the
. But there is some
which is for a special part of the world and culture and other nation can not even listen to it.
for example
, the Australian ethnic has religious
which plays with a special instrument and other nation even cannot listen to that because don't have a pleasant sound. To conclude,
there are some genres that are for just a culture or a generation, I think
can help
of different nationalities or different generations can connect to each other and have a good time despite all differences.
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